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Len Barot, Director of the Flax Mill Creek Writers Retreat, has published over 40 novels writing as Radclyffe and L.L. Raand, in addition to editing more than a dozen award winning anthologies. She has given workshops on the craft of writing throughout the world in such venues as the York Lesbian Arts Festival, York, UK; Saints and Sinners LGBT Literary Festival, New Orleans; Tennessee Williams Festival, New Orleans; Lonestar Lesfic Festival, Austin, Tx; and the RWA Passionate Ink Chapter online.  



"Exploring Erotic Elements in Same-Sex Scenes was amazing. Not only did it cover a huge amount of material and provide great insight for the process of writing erotic works, Radclyffe provided personal feedback for every participant. There were many elements and examples which were covered in great detail. As a new author, this has been the most practical workshop I've had the pleasure of participating in. I would recommend her workshops to anyone looking to improve their craft."    -- author Renee Roman

"Once again a fabulous workshop. Any time you'd like to offer up a workshop here at Passionate Ink, we would love to have it." – Serena Shay, membership director Passionate Ink Chapter RWA;  author A Magical Return

“Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop … very informative. Passionate Ink would love to have you teach another whenever you'd like.” – author Shay MacleanPassionate Ink Chapter RWA

“The lessons in this workshop were clear, concise, and well-illustrated with excerpts from a range of authors. The individual feedback is incredible and so very helpful. I learned something from every critique, and I found the examples in the lessons to be of great help.” – author Joan Itaska, http://womenwordswisdom.com

“As a writer who enjoys reading – and writing – love scenes of varying heat levels, I found myself stumped when it came to writing same-sex love scenes. Rad, your class, Writing Sex: Exploring the Elements of Erotic Same-sex Scenes, gave me the insight I needed to write these scenes not only with confidence but also with atmosphere, believability and clear points of view. Count me in as a student in other classes you might offer!” – author Debora Dale, www.deboradale.com

“I took the class "Exploring Erotic Elements in Same-sex Scenes (aka Writing Sex for Fun and Profit)," presented by Radclyffe through my online RWA chapter--and it was eye-opening. Radclyffe not only gave us the basics like the stages of intimacy but also schooled us on word usage for different genders, using dialogue to show character, how to amp up the heat in a scene, keeping POV intact, and the all important skill of showing not telling (I'm still working on this one!). Radclyffe provided great examples to illustrate educational lectures and also took the time to critique our own writing, giving us concrete recommendations on how to increase the power and impact of our sex scenes. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to hone their skill at romantic and erotic writing.” – author Aidee Ladnier, http://www.aideeladnier.com

“Rad’s class on “Writing Same-sex” was a tremendous benefit to me. Not only does she impart some great information, but she always finds something positive to say about your writing. Her detailed comments and helpful tips have already improved my writing. Encouraging, informative, and useful all sum up one of Rad’s classes. Well worth the money and time.” – author Joan Denman w/a Jaye Mark

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