Where Art Meets Craft

Writing is a solitary experience -- a creative act that begins and ends in the soul of the writer. Ask any writer why they spend countless hours searching for the right word/phrase/line of dialogue to capture the essence of what they see/hear/feel about the story they're writing, and they'll tell you they write because they have to. Writing is a torturous, euphoric, frustrating, exhilarating act of love. It just "is," right?

Well, not exactly. What we conceive in our mind's eye is art, but what we capture of that vision on screen/paper/audio is craft. The better our craft, the more effective our story-telling and the greater justice we will bring to our art. At Flax Mill Creek Writers Retreat, our single goal is to hone craft with the goal of making each writer's unique art clearer, sharper, and more vibrant. Our classes, both on-site and on-line, combine didactic material, Q&A, and individual critiques, using attendees' excerpts and in-depth mark-ups, as a basis for shared learning. No question is too simple, no work is ever without merit, and every experience level from beginner to multi-published will find classes to fit. Len Barot (Radclyffe), the chief instructor, brings fifteen years of writing, publishing, and teaching experience to every session. 

Flax Mill Creek Writers Retreat offers those who love to write an exciting, inspiring, and informative experience tailored to fit each writer's individual needs. Come join us on-site for a quiet, inspiring retreat. We can't wait to share the adventure!

Len Barot

Director, Flax Mill Creek Writers Retreat

writing as Radclyffe and L L Raand

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